Mikaila Hirschler

Year of Graduation: 2013

University: University of Toronto (graduated 2017)

Program: Started in Actuarial Science, switched to Economics in 2nd year, and switched again to Computer Science in 3rd year (and still somehow graduated on time!)

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Matthew Gene

“If life gives you lemons, regift them.” - Matthew Gene Matthew Aaron Gene is an unsuccessful comedy writer and unprofessional baker from Toronto. Gene boasts 70 Twitter followers, of which only seven are bots. He owns two pairs of jeans and was the 183rd overall pick in the 1974 NHL Draft. Currently a disenchanted third-year... Continue Reading →

Adenieke Lewis-Gibbs

Graduated from Senator O’Connor in 2016. She’s always loved writing, so Carleton University’s Journalism program was an obvious choice for her. She couldn’t stop there, though. She is currently pursuing a Combined Honours for Journalism and French and she couldn’t be happier with her choice. Adenieke has been in the French Immersion program since senior... Continue Reading →

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